A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You are James. You've always been mostly a normal kid. You grew up into a normal life, with a normal job, then, suddenly, one day, you break down. You become trapped in a maze of convoluded thoughts and memories, and for some reason, you remember fragments of your old diary you kept up until a few years ago.

Find all the pages and find your way out of the labyrinth before you get consumed by your inner demons and become... a monster.

This game is very short and was made for the Ludum Dare 33 "Compo" game jam. I originally thought I had 72 hours, but realized I only had 48 due to plans, so I made this. :)

I'm quite proud of it. It's my first game that has a beginning, end, and story, albeit very short ones.

The game has almost no replayability: the map and notes are the same every time. :\

Install instructions

Windows EXE
To run the Windows EXE, extract the ZIP file to a folder. That's all. :)

Source ( Love2D )
To use the source file, you'll need to have Love2D installed. Once you have it installed, double click the .love file to run it. To view the source code, you'll need a program like WinRAR.

Viewing the Source
Method A: Renaming the Extension
If you rename the .love extension to .zip you'll be able view all source files. If you extract all the files to a folder (and you're on Windows) you can double click "zzStartzz.bat" to run it

Method B: Viewing Files ZIP Archiver
This method requires you to have a ZIP archiver, like WinRAR or 7Zip. Open the action menu (Shift-rClick windows) and click "Open With..." and select your ZIP archiver.


Application (EXE) 25 MB
Source ( Love2D ) 22 MB